This is a list of items in the original Wild Arms. For armor, see List of Wild Arms Armors; for weapons see List of Wild Arms Weapons.


1 Gella Coin: Doubles or halves EXP in battle.


Agile Apple: Increases RES stat by 1.

Ambrosia: Fully heals party's HP and MP.

Antidote: Cures Poison Status Effect.

Arms: Key Item. Orb needed to progress through Malduke.


Black Pass: Key item. Needed to shop at Black Market.

Blue Virtue: Key item. Blue mirror needed to enter Giant's Cradle.

Bone: Use with the Mystic command to use the Lucky Shot spell.

Bullet Clip: Refills ammunition for one ARM.


Crest Graph: Key item. Can be exchanged for one of 64 magic spells.

Crystal Bud: Key item. Crystalized flower needed in order to propose marriage.


Dispellado: Key item. Artifact used to open Rings of Timespace.

Duplicator: Magical key that opens sealed chests and doors.

Dragon Idol: Key item. Stone statue with Zephyr's power inside.


Eye: Key item. One of three magic orbs needed to proceed in Malduke.

Elder Scroll: a "book" for the left hand, raises Sorcery and Mdef.


Full Revive: Revives single character with full HP.


Gemini Circ. #1: Key Item. Part Emma needs to upgrade airship.

Gemini Circ. #2: Key item. Part Emma needs to upgrade airship.

Goddess Idol: Key Item. Stone Statue with Raftina's power inside.


Hardy Apple: Raises VIT stat by 1.

Heal Berry: Recovers 200 HP.

Heat Salve: Cures Paralysis status effect.

Herb Arnica: Key item. Herb needed to cure Mayor of Rosetta Town.

Holy Berry: Key item. Berry needed to defeat monster.

Holy Medal: Key item. Medal needed to progres through Guardian Shrine.

Holy Symbol: Cures Bad Omen status effect.


Jewel: Key item. Needed to solve puzzle in Gemini's Corpse.


Key Plate: Key item. Needed to enter Caged Tower.

Kizim Flame: Key item. Sacred fire needed to activate Elw Pyramid.


Light Shroom: Cures Flash status effect.

Lion Idol: Key item. Stone statue with Justine's power inside.

Lucky Card: Doubles EXP and Gella gained in battle.


Magic Carrot: Recovers 50 MP.

Magic Map: Key item. Marks known town locations on map.

Medicine: Cures Disease status effect.

Mega Berry: Recovers 2000 HP.

Metal Bird: Key item. Book that contains password in Epitaph Sea.

Mystic Apple: Raises SOR stat by 1.


Nectar: Fully heals one character's HP and MP.


Ocarina: Key item. Musical instrument used to summon Asgard.


Pinwheel: Cures Confusion status effect

Potion Berry: Recovers 1000 HP.

Power Apple: Raises POW stat by 1.


Red Malice: Key item. Artifact needed to enter Giant's Cradle.

Revive Fruit: Revives a character with partial HP.

Rune Drive: Key item. Technology that upgrades Asgard.


Saber Fang: Key item. Memento dropped by Boomerang.

Secret Sign: Lowers MP cost of a single technique by 1.

Secret Tool: Key item. Set of tools needed to fix broken Guardian statue.

Small Flower: Raises Luck by one level.

Spirit Key: Key item. Opens chest in Forest Prison.


Toy Hammer: Cures Forgetfullness status effect.


Violet Rose: Cures Silence status effect.


Wind-up Key: Key item. Needed to enter Epitaph Sea.

Wings: Key item. One of three magical orbs needed to progress in Malduke.