Lolithia, as is seen during the Ancient Culture Exhibition in Adlehyde.

Lolithia, sometimes localized as Lilithia, is the name of a Golem in the original Wild Arms.

Wild Arms

In-game description of Lolithia from Wild Arms Alter Code: F:

Lolithia - Inhibitor Golem, Frost Disaster
Can freeze enemies by controlling their molecules` electromagnetic energy.

It was controlled by the Elw about 1,000 years ago, created to combat the demons, and is one of the several perfect war weapons who Rudy and his team will face before facing Mother of Darkness as it's stolen by the demons (along with two other Golems) during the demon's attack on Adlehyde during the Ancient Culture Exhibition.

Hanpan remarks that the Golem was programmed to no longer be functional after fulfiling its job as a weapon.

Wild Arms 5

As per the tradition of alluding to Wild Arms mythology, Avril Vent Fleur was dubbed as the Lilithia in the original Japanese screenplay, where in English this title was adapted into "The Ice Queen." They even share the same attack, "Absolute Zero".

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