Lolithias Coffin

Lolithia's Coffin is a dungeon in Wild Arms Alter Code: F where Lolithia, the legendary Golem, was hidden for thousands of years.

After meeting Cecilia and Jack, Rudy is on his way to help Emma (the player can make her join the party by answering her question of whether you are prepared to enter the ruins negatively three times and then immediately accepting her offered help).

This is the dungeon where the Magtortus can be found and fought. After defeating him, the party finds Lolithia and helps Emma take him to the surface The reward will be 1,000 Gella (if Emma was in the party) or 5,000 Gella (if she was not) to be retrieved from Emma in the main building at the exhibition.

Mission - Breaking 2 seals to fight boss.


  • Snipe Bullet - Rudy`s 2nd Attack (effective on enemies that recover or that are hardly hit with ARM shot).
  • Heal Berry
  • Alter Part
  • Ex File Key
  • 4,000 Gella (Requires Emma)

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