the Lolithia golem found by the group

The Lolithia's Tomb is a recurring dungeon through out the Wild Arms series.

Wild Arms

It is an old tomb located in a conglomeration of mountains north of Adlehyde that guard the golem of Lolithia.

After the heroes get together they depart for Lolithia's Tomb in their first dungeon together, they are guided by Emma taking care of the place that is full of monsters, which is why their workers refuse to go deeper into the tomb.
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Lolithia's Tomb in the first game

After encountering some monsters along the way, the trio find the door that leads to the tomb, however they encounter a monstrous creature who lives in the place and saves the tomb.

After defeating the infamous creature, the heroes find Lolithia's golem in its dormant and partially damaged state.


Lolithia being removed from within the tomb

At that moment Emma takes action with her team to remove the golem from within the tomb and take it to the surface.

Emma thanks the group for the service and asks them to meet at Adlehyde so she can reward them for the task she has done.

Emma reveals that he would be part of the great highlights at the upcoming Ruins Festival.


Magtortous appears

Magtortous surround the group