Roletta 01
Series Wild Arms TV
Debut S01E01 Sleeping Dirty
Japan Voice Fumiko Asaka
U.S. Voice Wendee Lee

Loretta Oratorio is one of the main characters in the Wild Arms Twilight Venom anime. She is a wandering treasure hunter and thief who lusts for money and riches and often times pays no attention to the value of the relics she steals other than their re-sale price. At times Loretta can seem ditzy but at other times she can display an odd quiet innocence. Loretta carries with her a set of magical cards that she can use to cast spells but she is often hesitant to use them as they're expensive to replace. Loretta usually travels with her partners in crime Mirabelle Graceland and Jerusha.

She first ran into Sheyenne Rainstorm and Dr. Kiel Aronnax when breaking into the prison of Alcatraz in order to see what treasure was being kept hidden deep within its walls -- to her dismay, the treasure turned out to be Sheyenne himself. Loretta continued to run into Sheyenne and his companions over time and found herself becoming drawn into the mystery of his story.

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