Note: Magdalen was known as 'McDullen' in the Original Wild Arms Translation

Magdalen Harts is the butler and guardian of Jane Maxwell. He came to be the family servant after an ARMS accident which claimed the life of Jane's mother. Feeling sympathetic and partially responsible, Nicholi Maxwell takes Magdalen into his confidence and fled to the settlement known as Court Seim. Magdalen originally fiercely protected both Jane and Jessica out of a sense of responsibility and guilt, but eventually came to love them dearly as a surrogate uncle.

In Wild arms, Magdalen is a constant companion for Jane and retains powerful combat abilities, though he now uses a sword instead of an ARM. Eventually Magdalen comes to realize that Jane's feelings for Rudy Roughknight have matured her, and he resigns to the knowledge that 'his' girl is growing up. When Jane finally becomes recruited as an optional extra, he gives her a touching send-off, recognizing her new maturity.

In Alter Code, Magdalen still does not permanently join the party although he's playable in a few sequences. Unsurpisingly, he specializes in melee attacks and is a powerful fighter.

Wild Arms Alter Code Biography

Magdalen is the Maxwell family butler. His main duty is to look after the tomboy, Jane.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Middle-Aged Butler"

Butler for the Maxwell family, and Jane's caretaker. He is the main reason why Jane is known as a skillful Drifter.

Note: The character is called McDullen Harts in this version

Wild Arms 5

The ever-faithful Magdalen appears next to Jane, and still remains her family servant.

Magdalen Harts
Magdalen Harts

Wild Arms
Wild Arms: Alter Code F




Almighty Fighter








5'9" / 173cm

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