Martial Mage is a Class that appears in Wild Arms XF.

Levin, as a Martial Mage, has great movement, only one space after Tony. Levin stat-wise is average in magic and strength, and lacks the power to be a powerhouse in early levels, but as he gains more levels and training him in both a Secutor and Elementalist class for their perimeters increases his potential take down enemies quickly, especially with his wide movement and Blast skill. Late in the game, after you gain access to the Emulator job class, Levin's personal skills allow him to use this class skills more effectively.

Original Commands

Command Description MP Cost
Blast Non-elemental magic attack. 16
Gravitation Magic attack that deals damage based on target's WGT. Cannot be used after moving. 12
Rushing Beat Physical attack that gains strength based on the differerence in RFX between the attacker and target 16
Cancel Strike Physical attack that cancels the target's next turn 24

Personal Skills

Skill Description
Martial Mage OC Allows the unit to use Martial Mage OC
Martial Mage EQ Allows the unit to equip Martial Mage equipment.
Skip Enemies Allows the unit to move through enemy units.
Detonation! Increases the chance of skills activating.
Execrate Increases the success rate of when placing negative status effects on enemies.
Counter-Counter Allows a countattack in response of a counterattack.
Special Skill Description
3 Skill Slots adds 3 skill slots

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