"Pushing forward is our only option!"
— Maxi Remington, A Particular Existence (Part One)

Maxi Remington is the central protagonist of Wild Arms: Flower Thieves. His character seems to be a composite of Rudy Roughnight and Ashley Winchester from the first two games.

  • Class: Flower Thief
  • Race: Human (Guardian)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Weapon: Flower Guardian ARM, Rabar Knife

Wild Arms: Flower Thieves

Maxi Remington is left with his sister Cornette Remington and mother (unnamed) when his father, the former Guard Commander, was killed in action. He begins as an eager, though naive Junior Guard member, usually kept in reserve. Fate would intervene, however, as a group of Flower Thieves (monsters in this setting) attack his hometown. Maxi and his partner, Liddo head out to meet up with the Commander, but run smack dab into one of the Flower Thieves. Maxi amazingly manages to hold out, but when he attempts to show mercy to the creature, it takes the opportunity to attack. Though Maxi is saved by the Commander, he is viewed with suspicion and hostility from then on.

Maxi would come into his fate when Jessica infiltrates his home town of Upperhorse searching for the Flower Guardian housed within an ancient steam-powered vessel now reserved as a shrine. Maxi follows the mysterious Jessica into the shrine, finding numerous monsters held in stasis. Eventually, when he and Jessica are attacked, Maxi blacks out, only to be revived by the Flower Guardian. This new contract gives him the guardian's power and his new ARM. The contract, however, has a dramatic downside, since the Flower Guardian, now within Maxi, had been keeping his town propserous for untold years.

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