Medea is the first opponent you face in the arena battles. He is the easiest of the arena battles, but he can still present a tough challenge.

Some notable attacks he has are Hi-Heal, which can almost fully heal him, and Human Experimentation which causes lots of random status changes to a single character. He also has a Hi-Flame which damage your whole party around 400 HP depending on magic resistant and a Zero Armor Attack which causes great damage, around 1000 HP, to a single target.


  • Medea


    Level: 30
  • HP: 10 000
  • MP: 75
  • Weakness: Holy
  • Attacks:
    • Zero Armor Attack
    • Human Experimentation
    • Hi-Heal
    • Hi-Flame
  • Experience: 2 500
  • Gella: 900
  • Trickster: Nectar