On this mission you will help Bartholomew get Crystal Flower. The only way to get it is if you kill Phantom - the monster that can be found in desert west of town you are in. After you bring him that , you must let Cecilia marry Bartholomew . On the bright side , you get 3000 Gella .You will find yourself on a boat called "Sweet Candy". About 10 questions must be answered. Zed suddenly shows up and here is where the fight starts .Once he loses , he will leave and Lady Harken will show up .She blocks Jack `s attack and destroys a guardian`s statue . You will get rune for new guardian of thunder - [Thunder Fang] . Reward :

5000 Gella , Mega Berry , Ambrosia , Nectar , and Magic Staff that enables talking to animals ( Cecilia `s tool ) .

Now you should teleport using last Elw`s Shrine Teleporter which will take you to the first town you have been in - Milama . There you must enter Sand River and get on the other way out of it , which will take you to the new town and new adventures ( Sand River is simple - following a little ape and solving puzzles ) .


Zed shows up

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