Meria Town
Town of Meria
Game Wild ARMs 2
Type Town
Hometown Ashley

The Town of Meria is an area found in the game Wild Arms 2, here, this place is the hometown of Ashley Winchester, Marina, Tony Stark, Scott Summers and Tim Rhymeless, this area is also the only place to find a bakery and the Castle of that region.


File:Town of the Western Winds.mid
Town of the Eastern Winds
Game Wild ARMs 2

Notable Homes

  • Marina's House /The Bakery

Here a nameless Baker's Wife and her niece (Marina), live as the direct owners of the local pastry shop, this building has 2 floors, the bottom having 2 rooms and the top also having 2 bed rooms; The first floor has the display and cashier counterwith the addition of the the oven and storage room, the second floor is where Marina, her aunt and Uncle sleep while the second bedroom is made for Ashley.

  • Empty /Vacant Home

A house that has nothing but a bookcase and 3 cats inside of it, this house only has one floor, with one room possibly being a living room and the second room, possibly being a bed room.

  • Male and Female Neighbor Homes

A nameless Man and a nameless Woman whom are attracted to each other but (at first) seem to have a hard time metting.

  • Young Girl's Home

A nameless young lady whom seems to have a strong crush on Ashley, she lives cloves to the Castle Gate Entrance.

  • Elderly Man's Home


Meria's Local Item Shop

  • Antidote $20
  • Medicine $20
  • Rhino Shot - For Ashley $110
  • Hammer Fist - For Brad $120
  • Humrella - For Lilka $90
  • Hard Jumper - For Ashley $90
  • Ti Plate - For Brad $100
  • Mage Robe - For Lilka $80
  • Teleport Gem $100

Meria Hotel

For every night Ashley and Co. stay in a room, they must play 10 Gella per person.

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