Feeling wind

Wild ARMS Music the Best -feeling wind-

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Wild Arms Music the Best (also known as Wild ARMs: Piece of Tears) is a series of arrangement albums from Media.Vision's Wild Arms series. This is the first album released under the title "Music the Best", -feeling wind-, a piano arrangement album.


All music on this album is composed by Michiko Naruke. These arrangements are by Yasuo Sako. Performances are by Haruki Mino and Fumito Hirata. Though these are 'piano' arrangements, several tracks include other instruments taking the melody or simply in the background, such as violins and congas.

Track listing

  1. Introduction (from Wild Arms: Alter Code F)
  2. You'll Never Be Alone (from Wild Arms 2)
  3. Abbey (from Wild Arms)
  4. Scenery Called "Everyday" (from Wild Arms 3)
  5. 1st IGNITION (from Wild Arms 2)
  6. The Daughter of Three Treasure Hunters (from Wild Arms: Twilight Venom)
  7. Town (from Wild Arms)
  8. as time goes by ~Never Forget Me~ (from Wild Arms 4)
  9. Determination... (from Wild Arms: Alter Code F)
  10. Wings (from Wild Arms 3)
  11. Feeling the Bonds (from Wild Arms 4)
  12. The One I Want to See Most (from alone the world)
  13. Totally Busy (from Wild Arms 4)
  14. Ready! Lady Gunner!! (from Wild Arms 3)
  15. CONTINUOUS (from Wild Arms: Twilight Venom)
  16. Footprints (from Wild Arms: Alter Code F)
  17. To the End of the Wilderness

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