Caging Tower

Elw`s Shrine items :

  • Alter Part
  • 1500 Gella

Next Shrine items :

  • Ex. File Key
  • Catridge [Solid Storm] - new Rudy`s Attack
It takes time to use , but it attacks the whole group of enemies . The wider shooting range also means it`s less powerful . It`s wise to use teamwork to lower enemies` defense .
While on ground you can find Alter Part with Item Searcher .

Night Gaunt fight

When you firstly arrive to new town Saint Centaur , there will be barrier that protects monsters from entering the town . So Hanpan , the Wind-Mouse will not be able to enter town - that is why Jack will need to hide him to provoke barrier from being activated .Larry will explain it all to you. Visit central round house to talk to Kaiser .He will reward you with 2000 Gella immediately . Your mission now is to visit Caging Tower .

Caging Tower

After getting new Fast-Draw move for Jack called [Burst Breaker] , and going all way up to the roof of the building , you will see Alhazad , who will entertain you with this boss :

Night Gaunt - attack it with light since that is his weakness .


Trapped Inside

After defeating it , you will find yourself trapped on the roof by Alhazad ( new Demon )`s spell - Jane will help you out ( who you will just meet here ) if you pay her 5000 Gella .However , you will face 3 more Night Gaunts , but Jane and Magdalen will help you out on this one ( you can place them in your team - switching characters ) .

Now go back to town to report mission and town will not be secured anymore - but you will be able to reach items you could not before this :

  • Force Carrot x3
  • Migrant Seal
  • Silver Harp 3

Jane Thief Haha

Guardian statue is broken and you will recieve it`s spell ( powers ) - Ione Paua . At that time demons are making plans for destroying humans and elws .Use duplicator in new shrine ( Elw`s ) to get items :
  • Crest Graph
  • Potion Berry x5

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