Male and female Nightstalkers.

Class Description

The Nighstalker is one of final four general classes available to the player after completing Act 3-7. Excelling in RFX and mobility, this class will see frequent turns and movement in battle. This class also boasts a high counterattack rate and HP recovery per turn, but it's most useful quality is the skill "Illusion" which randomly nullifies ANY attack targeted to the unit (pretty much a combination of Weapon and Magic Block fitted into one skill). It's Originals can see a fair amount of use as well; "Six Shooter" is an extremely strong attack that grows weaker with each use, "Innocent Blow" deals constant damage regardless of the enemy's status, "MP Shift" transfers all the unit's MP into another unit, "Blackout" is a useful Original that cloaks the unit from enemy targeting (though the unit can still be effected by wide-ranged attacks that are indirectly targeting them).

Statistically, the Nightstalker behaves somewhat like a glass cannon with its low HP and attack stats. It's equipment is weak but useful to some extent: Rapiers (unlike the Secutor's AIM improved "Rapiers") reduces the enemy's DEF down to 1/4 when calculating damage and ignores the "Hard" attribute, and Masks grant the unit counterattacking opportunities against Originals.

Original Commands

Original Commands are techniques that can be used in battle provided the needed requirements are met.

Command Description MP Cost
Six Shooter Attacks the target six times: each attack is slightly weaker than usual. Can only be used when a one-handed melee weapon is equipped. 24
Innocent Blow Deals constant damage regardless of the target's status. Can only be use when a one-handed weapon is equipped. 12
MP Shift Shifts all of the user's MP to an ally. Cannot be used after moving. 0
Blackout Prevents the user from being targeted by attacks. However, the user will still take damage from wide-range attacks on other units or HEXes. 32

Personal Skills

These skills activate automatically for units in the Nightstalker class. When enough CSP is gained these skills can also be equipped by the unit even when it switches to a different class. The special skill is a special skill learned when the class is mastered.

Skill Description
Nighstalker OC Allows the unit to use Nightstalker Original Commands
HP Recovery Recovers HP at the beginning of each turn.
Counter Rate Up Increases the chance of making a counter-attack.
Nightstalker EQ Allows the unit to equip Nightstalker equipment.
Illusion Randomly nullifies damage.
RFX + 25% Increases the user's RFX parameter by 25%.
Special Skill Description
Inertia Cancel Replaces a counter-attack with an additional turn by pressing the cancel button.
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