Only The Night Sky Knows (whistle)

Only the Night Sky Knows is a song from Wild Arms 3 that plays when you save and end your game using a gimel coin after the prolouge. There are 4 different versions of the song: The English version, sang by Samantha Newark, another English version sang by a Japanese vocalist, (albeit with lyrics not exactly fluent in English), a version with whistling replacing the vocals, and an extended Japanese version.


English version

Only The Night Sky Knows
I can still recall the smell of smoke from rusting guns
Lying here beneath the starry desert sky
Tired from the fight, I fall into a slumber
'With the memories of days gone by
What was the name I called out in my dream
Guess for now only heaven knows...

Second english version

Only The Night Sky Knows 2
My memories of the scent of the rusted guns
Keeping my both hands on all the time
I just want to fall into a silent slumber
Under blinking stars of wilderness
The name I happened to call out in my dreams
Only the night sky knows who that was

Japanese version

Yozora Shika Shiranai
Sabita nioi no omoide to, ryoute tsunaida mama de
Shizuka na nemuri ni tsuketai hoshi ga kishi no kouya
Yume no naka yonda namae ha, yozora shika shiranai
Kotoba nishi nai yasahii sa mo, aru to oshiete kureta
Anata na shikuza ni hohoemu sugita toki no naka de
Wasurarerenai kanashimi ha yozora shika shiranai

English translation

I can still smell the scent of rust
I just want some peace so I can sleep
But the stars keep creaking in the wastelands
The name that I called out in my dream
Is a name only heaven knows
You told me kindness that couldn't be put into words
And I smiled softly at you
When you passed me by
The sadness that I can't seem to forget
Is a sadness only heaven knows...

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