Pandemonium is the Demon Castle sealed off in all directions by ocean and mountains. Impossible to reach until you acquire the upgraded Proto Wing (Gull Wing). It is a fortress where the Darkness Tear rains down on Filgaia, using Lady Harken as energy. The trio of Jack, Rudy and Cecilia are thrown into the prisons on first entry, until they find each other and challenge Zeikfried and Alahazad atop the castle. They are unsuccessful and Jack realises that the only way to help Lady Harken (Elmina in Demon form), is to kill her himself.


  • Aspick
  • Bellzebob
  • Fairylight
  • Flurity
  • Hecarde
  • Karon
  • Stux
  • Tereon
  • Zoa Zein


  • Demon Prophet
  • Turask
  • Shazam

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