Game Wild Arms 5
Weapon IPCC_3927 Veruni Pistol
Gender Female
Age 25
Race Veruni
Height 5'8"
Voice Actor (JP) Yuuko Kaida
Voice Actor (ENG)

Persephone is one of the main antagonists of Wild Arms 5. She has a sort of rivalry with Rebecca Streisand. The name of her leitmotif is taken directly from her name and from the name of her weapon, "Persephone IPCC 3927", and it plays during cutscenes featuring her. There is also a remix of her theme that plays during battles with her. She is the boss guarding TF System: Tower M during the latter half of the game.

Wild Arms 5

Wild Arms 5 Bio

One of the Four Sentinels. Although she's usually cool and collected, she occasionally lets her true feelings peek out from behind her cold front. Her personality is undoubtedly sadistic, but at times she shows understanding and even compassion. She also worries about the fate of Human and Veruni kind, sometimes thinking of her deceased sister.

Wild Arms 5 Manual

One of the Four Sentinels. She is in charge of gathering intel and information control. Although she is generally calm and icy, she sometimes lets her emotions peek through.

Mythological Reference

Persephone is the Greek Goddess of the Underworld. Originally she was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest. One day while Persephone was out she was abducted by Hades, the God of the Underworld, who took her to be his bride. Demeter fell into depression at her daughter's loss and refused to let the Earth be fertile. In order to rectify the situation Zeus sent Hermes down to rescue Persephone and Hades agreed to let her go -- but not before giving her a cursed pomegranate, which bound her to the Underworld for 1/3rd each year. Demeter still refused to let things grow while her daughter was away which acts as a metaphor for the turning of the seasons.

Each of the Four Sentinels is an inversion of a mythological character. Persephone is a little different as her inversion has less to do with her story as with her personality. The Goddess Persephone starts out as an innocent maiden and becomes an accursed figure; Persephone of Wild Arms 5 starts out as a seemingly cold and distant character who gradually becomes more sympathetic over the course of the game.