Mr. Petroni
Series Wild Arms TV
Debut S01E01 ARMS Crazy
Japan Voice
U.S. Voice

Mr. Petroni is a character from the Wild Arms Twilight Venom anime. He's a renown ARMs collector that has more than 400 ARMs in his collection. Petroni goes beyond merely enthusiastic in his dedication to ARMs and into the realm of eccentric obsession. He dreams of one day being able to actually fire an ARM which is an impossible dream as only incarnations of the Evil Race can actually use them. When he discovers that Sheyenne Rainstorm has an ARM on him that has been seen to be able to fire he puts out a hefty reward for anyone who can bring it to him -- which turns out to be none other than Loretta Oratorio, who steals it from Sheyenne during an impromptu party at an Inn. Petroni was unable to get the Batour to fire so he returned the ARM to Sheyenne in person and begged that he fire it at him so he he could bask in the power of ARMs; Sheyenne instead conked him on the head with the butt of the Batour.

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