Pleasing Entrance

Pleasing Garden entrance

Pleasing Garden

the local teleportation system


Jack's new tool

Pleasing Garden is a dungeon that has no exact location on the map, and stands in the middle of a vast desert near the town of Ship Graveyard

The Lost Bracelet

When the party reaches the Ships Graveyard they meet with former Dream Chaser Dan who requests they recover his wife's bracelet from the Pleasing Garden

How to find it

The Pleasing Garden, much like the Maze of Death is not seen on the map, rather you have to wander the desert near Ships Graveyard until the camera starts to zoom in.


The Pleasing Garden is a maze of illusions, going through the wrong door can set you back quite a bit, so check carefully and heed the townsfolk's warnings.

You'll find Jack's Grappling Hook tool here.

The Gigmantis awaits you at the end, best to equip Stoldark's rune as this critter loathes water.

Gigmantis Appears

Gigmantis Appears


Stare Roe and the Light Rune are a nice price to nab here.