Port Rosalia is a town in Wild Arms 4 following the Forsaken Road dungeon. This is the first town besides Ciel Shelter that Jude, Yulie, and Arnaud arrive in during Wild Arms 4, and where they first meet Raquel Applegate, who quickly becomes the fourth member of the party. The BGM that plays throughout this town is Port Ailinton (Disc 1, Track 11).


After the destruction of Jude's hometown, the trio make their way to the nearest town they can find, which in this case was Port Rosalia. The party go to a restaurant where they witness an imbroglio between a young swordswoman, Raquel, and a group of soldiers. The party approaches her and introduce themselves to Raquel, and the four make arrangements to go to Culane Temple together.

Later in the story, Jude's party returns to Port Rosalia to rent a ship at the port to get to Illsveil Prison Isle. The only ship at the port was being auctioned with the bid starting at 1,000,000 Gella, with the auction starting the next day. On the day of the auction, Jeremy Non, who has mutated into a Wild ARM and somehow escaped Illsveil, has destroyed the ship and seeks his revenge on Jude's party. With Kresnik Ahtreide's help, the party is able to defeat Jeremy for the last time. Kresnik then points them in the direction of Dievas Airport in order to find a plane in lieu of a ship to take them to their destination.


There are three main areas of Port Rosalia; the main part, hall, and port.

The main area of Port Rosalia consists of the main entrance, some homes, a resturant, and a shop. Through the next entrance, is an long alley, which leads out of Port Rosalia if the player keeps going straight down past the doctor's office. If you turn left when going through the hall, there is an entrance that leads to the port of the town. At the port, you can go through the boardwalk and it'll also lead you out of the town. This makes three entrances, you can get out of the town using any of them, but when you go in Port Rosalia, you'll be at the main entrance.


  • If the player buys enough Antidotes from Bryan, he will give you a sword for Raquel, Lombardia. If the player says no to him enough times, he will give you a sword named Fafnir.

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