• Age: 34
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 206 cm
  • Meaning: Traitors to guests
  • Weapons: Iron Saber

Ptolomea is a large muscular, scarred man and Odessa's troop leader. Relatively easy-going and humorous, spouting lines such as "We're the Odessa Special Forces group, Ptolomea and his Fun Friends!" Though a follower of Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus, his true loyalty lies in protecting his men, leading to popularity among his subordinates. This leads him to plead leniency for his men, and he eventually requests that ARMS stop Vinsfeld, viewing him as a madman, not a leader. Relatively little is revealed about Ptolomea about his activities outside Odessa. Ptolomea has his name carved in kanji across his chest. He uses a giant, three-bladed, windmill-like claw as a weapon.

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