Wild arms

The Quarter Knights as seen in Wild Arms Alter Code: F

The Quarter Knights are a group of Metal Demons who survived the Great War 1000 years ago. They serve as the principle enemies of the original Wild Arms and Wild Arms Alter Code: F. Their goal is to conquer Filgaia and revive the queen of all Metal Demons, Mother. Their base is the Photosphere.


The Quarter Knghts is composed of four members. The original four are as follows:

  • Zeikfried is the leader of the Quarter Knights. He is strategic and powerful, and fights using the Dark Spear, Glumzamber.
  • Alhazad is the most calculating and wise of the four. He battles with several bug-like robots, which were presumably created by him.
  • Belselk is the strongest of the four, although he is also known for being thick-skulled, and fights using a ball and chain.
  • Lady Harken, the only female member. She is incredibly fast and fights using the 'Fast Draw' with her scythe, Asrael.

One of the four is eventually killed, however, and is replaced by Boomerang, a demon mercenary. He fights alongside the Guardian of Desire, Luceid.

They also receive the 'help' of Zed, another metal demon who is ignored by the Quarter Knights for the most part. This is most likely because of his comical nature, human-like appearance and personality. He is also a somewhat weak and unbalanced warrior, due to the fact that the sword he battles with, Doom Bringer, is cursed.

The final function of the Quarter Knights is to become a host for Mother for when she attempts to reincarnate to prolong her existence. This was revealed to the current generation of the Quarter Knights after her resurrection in the Photosphere. The only known candidate of this cycle of rebirth is Zeikfried, who was readily consumed by the remains of Mother after receiving grave injuries from travelling through the Dimensional Gate.