Series Wild Arms TV
Debut S01E03 Desert Dragon Fantasy
Japan Voice
U.S. Voice

Ravan was once a young man who traveled the world and fell in love with a girl named Machela and eventually wanted to marry her. Machela's father did not approve of their wedding and hired Ravan to search for a rumored near-by treasure supposed to be at the bottom of the River of Sand -- a task Machela's father thought impossible. Ravan died while searching for the treasure and at the same time a dragon appeared in the Sand River. Machela believed that the dragon was the re-incarnation of Ravan and although Sheyenne Rainstorm said he'd never heard of that happening before the dragon did indeed seem to love Machela. Sheyenne and Dr. Kiel Aronnax were hired to kill the dragon by Machela's father as the dragon was now guarding the treasure. In the end Sheyenne did not kill the dragon as he discovered that the treasure was a golden statue of a woman who looked just like Machela and not his own body. The dragon also saved the town from destruction when the dam was ready to burst winning the approval of the townsfolk.

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