Rita Hetfield from Rapid Reload

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Japanese Name: Ruka Hetfield
  • Weapons: Twin Shot, Electrified Wire, Flamethrower, Burst Shot
  • Equipment: Grappling Hook, RAD Skates, Jetpack
  • Voice Actor: Noriko Hidaka (Gunner's Heaven only)

Rapid Reload / Gunner's Heaven

Rita is the 'female lead' of the game, and, like Axel Sonics attacks with an assorted array of various weapons (some of which turn into tools or weapons for the Wild Arms series). She's portrayed as a bit of a ditzy goofball, albeit one with an incredible amount of weaponry.

Wild Arms 2

Rita, along with her partner Axel, have opened up a saloon within the town of Damzen . She gives you her opinion on each of the party members as you talk to her.


Rita's name is commonly mistranslated as the nonsensical "Ruka", due to an extremely over-literal translation of Rapid Reload to English. When the game was officially released in Europe, the real name of "Rita" was used in marketing materials, but oddly not in the game itself.

Rebecca Streisand's "Gunner's Heaven" outfit, from Wild Arms 5, is an homage to this character.

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