Rotting Beast

Rotting Beast is a monster trapped in the Berry Cave in ancient times. His appearance brings similar consequences to what Zombie brought in the first game of the series at this point in the game.

Wild Arms Alter Code: F

Since Rudy took Holy Berry from its tree , he awakened this monster .

001.Rotting Beast
He uses Counter Sweep and Cut Down . Since he is the first boss , he is easily defeated . However , you may waste 2-3 Heal Berries .

After defeating this boss , Rudy is forced to leave village and this msg has been shown :

"He used its power to protect. Now people fear and avoid him. He did not want such a power , but this destructive might is his . For he possesses the forbidden ARM . Unaware his inherent strenght , he wanders the wasteland , seeking his place in the world..."