Royal Fencer is a Class in Wild Arms XF exclusive to Alexia Lynn Elesius. Her personal class is "Royal Fencer", which like Dandelion Shot is useful in empowering the warriors around her. Alexia has the potential to become a power house character that would dominate the field, but has such a poor RFX stat that all of the other characters will blow right past her and destroy everything before she has her second turn. Thankfully later on, classes will offer up a little more speed to boost her effectiveness, and Accelerate and RFX+25% will add to her life line, because when she connects with her attacks she will obliterate her enemies.

Original Commands

Command Description MP Cost
Revolver Sweep Physical Attack on all surrounding Hexes. Can only be used when a broadsword is equipped. 16
Exhaustive Strike Reduces the targets VP. Can only be used when a broadsword is equipped. 8
Royal Cheer Increases the surrounding unit's parameters. 8
Status Lock Locks the targets status, preventing Originals from causing status changes. 24

Personal Skills

Skill Description
Royal Fencer OC Allows the unit to use Royal Fencer Originals.
Anti-Zoc Nullifies the effect of the ZOC effect skill.
Leaders Duty Gives the unit the first turn when starting a quest.
Strong Heart Increases RFX based on amount of VP lost.
Royal Fencer EQ Allows the unit to equip Royal Fencer equipment.
Skill Success Up Increases the chance of skill activating with each turn that passes.
Special Skill Description
3 skills 3 extra skill slots

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