The Ruins of Memory is a recurring dungeon throughout the Wild Arms series.

One of Jack `s adventures in ruins . Mission is breaking 4 seals so you can enter the room to face boss - Atlachnacha .After finishing fight , he shows up in the room with some holograph showing the Elw which tells him not to wake up Lolithia ...

When leaving ruins this msg is shown :

"Why does a man search for Absolute Power ? Is it something he does for Atonement ? Why ? Maybe to cut the binding chains of his past ... What will he wish for if he succeeds ? Does he believe that Absolute Power will shine the light on his future ? What a man may not even realize is that , Absolute Power may be exactly what binds him to his unforgettable past..."

Wild Arms 3

The Ruins of Memory appear almost halfway through Chapter 1 of WA3, where Virginia is deceived by Janus into helping his team of Drifters find one of the seals of the Eternal Sparkle. This is also where Asgard can be found, initially appearing as a statue, but later re-emerging at this location in Chapter 3.

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