Game Wild Arms 2
Area Town of Meria
Weapon N/A
Age 12 Years Old
Height 155 cm

Scott Summers is a fictional character in the Sony Playstation game: Wild Arms 2, Scott is a close friend of Tim and Tony, he is a resident of the Town of Meria and a character thet doesn't have many important parts in the game as a whole, Scott is always seen near Tony and always says "In my humble opinion" before making a statement (much to Lilka's dislike), after Tim joins the special squad, he and Tony sneak aboard the Valeria Chateau, and for the remainder of the game, he and Tony stay on the ship.

As a member of the "Junior ARMs" group, Scott is the brains behind the team, figuring out various situations, no matter who dangerous or stressful the event might be.

Trivia: His name is based on a famous Marvel Comics Character with the same name, or also known as Cyclops. Also, check his color scheme---it's an allusion to cyclop's appearance.

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