The Silver Star Express is a dungeon in Wild Arms 4 accessible from Buckeye Station after the party returns from Etemenanki. The Silver Star Express is a Brionac train transporting some the villagers from the fallen Ciel Shelter to Garra de Leon, including Jude Maverick's mother Ethelda Maverick. Jude comes back to the station just in time to see a Brionac soldier handling her, and he uses his Accelerator ability to catch up to and board the train. Jude and his party also meet up with Gawn Brawdia on the train.

This is the dungeon where the party does battle with Balgaine Ales. Jude is just about to reunite with his mother when Lambda detaches the train cars and switches the car Jude and co. are on to an unfinished track. The train cars crash in the remains of Verklarung, and thus becomes inaccessible and does not appear anywhere on the World Map. There are no treasure chests that can be opened here that count towards opening the Black Box. The BGM that plays during this dungeon is Like a Rolling Stone (Disc 2, Track 8).

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