Original Commands

Command Description MP Cost
Orbital Ring Physical Attack that hits targets in all HEXes surrounding a HEX adjacent to the user. Can only be used when a boomerang is equipped. 16
Raving Rage Repeatedly attacks, knocking the target back with each hit. The number of hits is limited by the user's MOV parameter. 12
Hyper Attack Increases the target's ATK. 16
Provoke Provokes the target, drawing its attack to the user. 24

Personal SkillsEdit

Skill Description
Stormrider OC Allows the unit to use Stormrider Originals.
Anti-Critical Prevents critical hits.
Move & Heal VP Recovers VP after moving.
Stormrider EQ Allows the unit to equip Stormrider equipment.
Tactical Evasion Increases EVA based upon the number of adjacent empty HEXes.
Raving Revenge Uses the Raving Rage command when counterattacking.
Special Skill Description
3 Skill Slots adds 3 skill slots

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