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Berserk promises to leave Adlehyde and not to hurt people in it after taking Teardrop from Cecilia . However , Jack challenges him to fight :

Jack : " Wait !! I am not through with you yet ! " Berserk : "What ? Who is this ? " Jack : " I`m not from this town . " Berserk : " So ... you are not part of that agreement . " Jack : " You are the legendary invaders , right ? Demons ? " Berserk : " Of course we are demons ! Why ? What difference does it make to you ? " Jack : "Revenge ! I have waited a long time to see this day ! " Berserk : " It pleases me to see such a spirit in a human . Very well ... Come try to take your revenge ... ! "

However , since Berserk is much stronger they have not had much of a chance and he got away sparing their lives , taking golems with him . But there is one thing he said that is good to mention and that is about Rudy `s ARM : "I remember this power ... I could not forget it , even after 1000 years ! It`s exciting to know that we have the same strenght . Show me what you can do with the ARM !! "

After coming back to Castle and telling truth to Justin , he dies and funeral procession is about to begin . In morning after few weeks , they are ready for their journey ( Rudy , Jack and Cecilia - with new look ) .


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