Character Spelling

Since Rudy's name is actually a bit of Romanji, a few variants of his name have shown up in different media. The most common of which is "Rudy Roughnight" (like he's not been sleeping well). The official spelling is the one used here, "Rudy Roughknight", which is supposed to be evocative as a scrappy and noble fighter. Granted, this makes more sense in the original version of the game, where he uses a sword... - Vanguard 13:34, September 27, 2009 (UTC)

Rudy (fan Story Version)

If you have played through the game, you will know about Rudy's artificial life form, suspected that he is Actually from the same race as those Metal demon. Rudy was created in the Holmcross Project. In the war the Elws and humans combined their powers to creat creatures the looked like humans, but had the body of Demons (living metal). Every creation of the Holmcross Project became blood thirsty, and violent. After much years, Rudy was awaken and met zepet. Due to the lost war he suffer heavy injuries and came to lost his Memories, the story begins him growing up under the care of Zepet. Who teaches him humanity. Before Zepet die, he gave him His ARM.. which was along with Rudy when he found him. Having the Abilities to operate the Ancient Relic Machine (ARM), under the circumstances where he was forced to save his own village little boy, Rudy fired the most feared Ancient weapon before the Villagers. He was then named as a "Cursed" before his very own village.. Knowing that he could no longer be accepted here, He Set off his life as a "Dream Chaser"...

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