After visiting Guardian Temple , our heroes were teleported by Guardians to desert near Baskar . They will get mission from Chief to visit cold mountain path and try to find one seal .So there is where they will go - place is called Mount Zenom

Mount Zenom

Monsters you may face are Shriekers ( Mushroom-like looking monsters that dropp Toy Hammers , Pinwheel , Peppy Acorn and Revieve Fruit - they have 98 HP ) . They give you 16 Exp and 18 Gella. Hit them with fire since that is their weakness . On your way you WILL need Rudy`s Bomb and Cecilia`s Tinder Staff . Items you will find are :

  • Lucky Card

    Count on Rudy

  • Gimel Coin
  • Heal Berry x3
  • Fire Gem x5
  • Water Break 2
  • Gella Card

After Rudy saved Cecilia from giant snowball here is what Jack said about him :

"He lives for the chance to help others" .

Also you will find : Tracker ( important item that shows you where you came from and where you should go ) , Critical 1 ( increases the chance of critical attack ) and Initiative ( Skill such as Critical 1 ) .

Boss - Berserk ( Medium ) Weakness : Lightning

Destroying the Seal

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