Tony Stark
Game Wild Arms 2
Area Town of Meria
Weapon N/A
Age 13 Years Old
Height 136 cm

Tony Stark is a fictional recurring character in Playstation's Role Playing Game: Wild Arms 2, Tony is a young boy whom first appeared in Ashley Winchester's story in the Prologue Chapter, in the first dungeon Withered Ruins he was a kidnapped hostage who was mistakenly thought to have rich parents who would save him, instead, after telling the kidnappers that he had none and insulting them as well, the bandits in turn decided to kill him instead. Ashley, however, then saves him causing a long-lasting friendship to begin.

During the remainder of the (1st Disk) series of events, Tony, Scott Summers and Tim stayed in the Town, after Tim joins Ashley's Team, both he and Scott make their way to Valeria Chateau and hide way in one of the rooms, during the (2nd Disk) events, Tony stays at the Chateau until the game ends.

If Marviel Armitage is recruited, there is a scene at the end of the game where Tony volunteers to become a Crimson Noble when he is older to keep her company.


Tony is resident of the Town of Meria. There, he is known as a bold character who says what he thinks (most of the time leading him into trouble), starving for adventure, Tony at times have the tendency to lead before he looks, never-the-less, Tony seems to know what he's talking about most of the time.

Trivia: His name is based from a popular Marvel Comics character with the same name, or also known as Iron Man. Also, check his color scheme, it does remind of Iron Man.