• Age: 49
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 187 cm

Described as a charismatic leader, he can easily persuade others to follow and organize with him. Leader of the Slayheim Liberation Army, he organized the random small factions into one powerful fighting force. He disappeared before the final confrontation, thus avoiding any and all blame that would be associated with the Liberation Army's victory.

Later organized the terrorist organization Odessa in an attempt to wrest control over the entire world of Filgaia. Driven to despair and insanity by the loss of his love Antenora. Wielder of the sword Mad Mountains. His experiment to rule Filgaia failed and he ultimately fell in one on one combat with Ashley, melting after the second battle with him. After his defeat, his sword rested in the ruins of Heimdal Gazzo. When the player examines this sword, the ghost of Vinsfield appears as an optional boss.

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