Virginia Maxwell (Japanese: ヴァージニア・マックスウェル) is the main protagonist of Wild Arms 3. She is the very first person to make an appearance in the game, and becomes the leader of her teamofdrifters.

Wild Arms 3

Though Virgina is the only girl in her team, she is the leader of Clive, Jet, and Gallows. She becomes a drifter after fighting against a Gob gang that had been raiding her home's supplies. She initially has many reasons for heading out into the world: a dream of seeing the world, a desire to use her ARMs to help people, and to find information on Werner Maxwell, her long-lost father. However, she soon finds herself on a world-saving quest against the mysterious Prophets.

Virginia manages to hunt down her father, learning that he had taken in Jet at one point as an adopted son. Werner is revealed to be a scientist who worked in the council of seven to solve why Filgaia turned into a devastated wasteland. In the end, she decides to attempt to fulfill Werner's goals and save the world from decay.

Virignia is also somewhat defined by her relationship with her adventurer rival, Maya Schröedinger, who chides her for her sense of justice. Virginia's earnest desire to do the right thing and her unflappable resolve eventually wins Maya and her team over, with them leaving on somewhat more friendly terms.

Wild Arms 3 Bio

"The Dual Pistol Dreamer"

Virginia has always dreamed of living the life of a drifter. As a kid, she was in love with the idea of roaming the open plains and experiencing action and danger every step of the way. As her passion to be a Drifter grew, she decided to leave her comfortable life to live out her dream.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Woman Drifter-in-training"

The heroine of Wild Arms 3, and the first female lead in the series. Wields dual ARMs and a spunky attitude like Jane of Wild Arms, but the relationship between the two is unclear.

Wild Arms 5

Virginia appears either at Orsaeos Train Station or Laila Belle, eager to start a career in Golem Hunting.

Virginia Maxwell
Virginia Maxwell

Wild Arms 3


Boot Hill


Rapier Ex ARM, Bantorain 93R ARM (Dual Wielded)












108 lbs.


Tindercrest, Galecrest, Changecrest


Mystic, Gatling

Voice Actor (JP)

Masumi Asano (Drama CD)

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