Zed in action

There are 2 ways - one for power ( east ) and another called treasure ( west ) . Rudy , Cecilia and Jack will go to the east , while Jane goes to the west with Magdalen . The boss you face on the way after hearing something cracking behind the walls will be Zed . He has not changed very much since the last time . This is what he says before the battle :

"Ha , don`t be emotional ! I don`t care about my victims` feelings ! I`ll decide your death sentence...I`ll be the judge and executioner! I`ll execute everyone...and savor it !"

You will find Rudy `s new catridge [Gatling Raid] .

Boss - Berserk [ you will face him 2 times ] .He gathered them all here on one place just do destroy them because this place has sealed energy that helps demons get stronger - however Jane got rid of it by an accident . Berserk loses to humans and he tries to leave but Boomerang kills him on his way . Jane almost gets crushed by a falling wall when leaving ruins but Rudy saves her risking his own life - luckily Jack saves him by using accelerator . As a reward for saving her life , she will give Rudy a "Red Malice" .


Boomerang kills Berserk

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