WILD ARMS the 4th Detonator: Official Creation Collection Special CD (WILD ARMS the 4th Detonator 公式設定資料集 スペシャルCD Wild Arms Koushiki Settei Shiryōshū Supesharu shīdī) is a Drama CD released on June 24th, 2005 for the game Wild Arms 4. The audio is Japanese-only and even the album's very existence is little-known to fans outside of Japan. The dramatis personae within the radio play are the exact same cast as in the video game and only include the four main protagonists.[1]



Jude Maverick Ryouko Shiraishi
Yulie Ahtreide Ayako Kawasumi
Raquel Applegate Hitomi Nabatame
Arnaud Vasquez Hiroki Takahashi

Tracklist [39:46]

Track 1: End of the Endless Night [11:41]

Track 2: Another Battle [9:05]

Track 3: Symposium in the Wilderness [10:00]

Track 4: Jude [1:59]

Track 5: Yulie [2:13]

Track 6: Raquel [2:07]

Track 7: Arnaud [2:41]


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