Warden Kihano
Series Wild Arms TV
Debut S01E01 Sleeping Dirty

Warden Kihano debuets and dies in the first episode of the Wild Arms Twilight Venom Anime. He seems to be middle aged, has greenish hair, and is morbidly obese. At the start of the episode he is the warden of the legendary floating Alcatraz Prison that has a reputation for being an inescapbile prison. Prior to the beginning of the episode he invited Dr. Kiel Aronnax to Alcatraz to discuss a potential partnership between him and the government Warden Kihano represented. Kiel agreed to the visit because he had a suspicion that Alcatraz was being used to hide something of great importance or value; Warden Kihano ends up having Kiel tortured for his compliance. On his last day of life he loses control of Alcatraz as two criminials break in -- Loretta Oratorio and Mirabelle Graceland -- who end up teaming up with the escaped Kiel. The criminials managed to infiltrate the vault and steal the treasure that was under security in Alcatraz -- the mind of Sheyenne Rainstorm stored in a false body. Warden Kihano manages to encounter the criminials on the outside of Alcatraz and orders a monster known as Falconvein to destroy them; Sheyenne destroys the monster with his ARM the Batour. When Sheyenne realizes that Kihano is the warden he sticks his gun into Kihano's back and demands to know where his true body is to which Kihano admits he was not told. It seems Kihano had a fear of heights, and when Sheyenne shouts "Bang!" to frigthen him, Kihano over-reacts and falls off the edge of Alcatraz to his gruesome death.

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