Weisheit is a major antagonist in Wild Arms XF.

  • Gender: Male (Mentally), Female (Body)
  • Age: Unknown, possibly mid-20's
  • Height: 5'9"

Wild Arms XF Web Bio

A merchant of questionable morality and mysterious origins, it seems that there has been a "Weisheit" present in Elesius since the founding of the kingdom. Also known as the Death Merchant, Weisheit is truly brilliant and Charlton's most trusted advisor, but has a penchant for cryptic statements and androgyny, which makes Weisheit a true enigma amongst all the other characters.

True Identity

In early parts of the game it is seen that Weishet shows great eagerness and longing for delivering pain and torment to Felius Arwin. It is later discovered that Weisheit is actually Kressen, a former companion of Felius, being one of the Twelve who challenged and defeated Belia Lugos in Elw Borea. Lust for power had made Kressen want to succeed the throne of Belia Lugos. This goal made Kressen turn against his comrades, particularly Yulia and Felius whom are against it as seen in an incident in the Lombardia inside an interdimension. Denial of Felius and Yulia's cooperation led to him being left out in the Lombardia. Which crashed to Filgaia's past timeline. His anger toward Felius was fueled by the fact that only Felius can pilot the Lombardia, which he needed in order to reach Elw Borea. He planned to increase his resources in order to meet with Felius in the future timeline (where Felius landed). During his wait he was able to decipher the secrets of the Legacy Ruins, allowing him to create powerful weapons such as Golems. He persistently survived hundreds of years by injecting his ARMs into living bodies, which allowed him to transfer his being to the new host. He eventually discovers that Felius is within the current timeline and this further heightens his excitement to torment Felius.

After a number of defeats by Chevalet Blanc, Weisheit ends up in urgent need of a new host body. In desperation, he injects his ARMs into Edna Warren in order to further pursue his ambitions, but both Edna and Weisheit/Kressen are ultimately obliterated by a possessed Katrina Liane Elesius in the final chapter of the game.


Since even people who have completed Wild Arms XF are confused by this, Weisheit is actually a male soul/mind that has reincarnated into a female body. Her compatriots keep referring to Weisheit as a "male", accordingly, but everyone else assumes she's female. For her part, Weisheit seems to enjoy the confusion.

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