This article tells about the monster that appears in Wild Arms 4. If you are looking for the game with the same name, check Wild Arms.

Wild Arms 4

The "Wild ARMs" came about due to a terrible mistake made the "Ambient Reorganization Material" was used near the Illsviel Prison. The ARM programming absorbed the murderous, criminal tendancies of the prisoners held there and rebuilt many of those prisoners into terrible creatures fused with nannites.

The majority of Wild ARMs appear at Illsviel itself, though a few have managed to roam the countryside of Filgaia. Also, certain important characters (such as Jeremy Non) become infected with their own weaponry and turn into Wild ARMs themselves. It's this infestation that Jude Maverick and his party must destroy as the main plot of Wild Arms 4.

List of Wild ARMs

The Divine Weapon
Augst Henriksen

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