Box Art of Wild Arms Alter Code: F

Wild Arms Alter Code: F (ワイルドアームズ アルターコード・F ,Wairudo Āmuzu Arutā Kōdo Efu?) is an enhanced remake of Wild Arms for the PlayStation 2. The game features entirely new 3D environments, five new playable characters and many other improvements. The game's North American release was postponed several times until it was finally released on November 15, 2005. It was localized by Agetec. The North American version comes with a bonus DVD featuring the first episode of the Wild ARMs anime series, Wild ARMs: Twilight Venom. It was never released in Europe.

The game features more playable characters than just the original trio. Other characters such as Jane Maxwell, Macdullen Harts (called Magdalene Harts in the remake), Emma Hetfield, Mariel and Zed will be able to join, though only Jane, Emma, and Zed can be recruited permanently. All of the dungeons have completely different puzzles and layouts.

The game has been graphically overhauled and now has 3D graphics both in and out of battles. The soundtrack has been heavily remixed or replaced entirely with new music. Numerous FMVs have been added at key points in the game and for the guardian summonings. The encounter cancel system, which allows a player to skip a random battle, from Wild ARMs 2 and 3 is present.


Initially, the title for the game used the "Wild ARMs" nomenclature, with ARMs being an acronym. Between the release of Wild Arms 3 and 4, however, the official names of all the games of the franchise reverted to "Wild Arms".

While the Japanese version has Japanese voiceovers, there isn't any voiceovers in the English release; the unlockable voice galleries are also removed.

In the original game, Rudy uses a sword/knife as a standard "Attack" weapon, in the remake, he uses an ARM (and only that one ARM) throughout the game. The ARM and special cartridges are upgradeable. Cecilia also becomes the only one capable of using Materials to summon Guardians. Some tools from the original game are removed or replaced.

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