Wild Arms Mobile is a series of flash-based mobile phone games distributed by Yahoo! Keitai, I-Mode, and EZWeb for the NTT DoCoMo cellphone brand in Japan. First developed in 2006, the download-to-play service includes two Wild Arms-themed minigames: a Tetris-style puzzle game, and Wild Arms Kōya no Nichō Kenjū, a shooting game featuring characters and locations from Wild Arms 3. Additional downloadable features include backgrounds, calendar skins, music, and visual styles based on several Wild Arms games. A routine news feed can also be accessed with information from Sony Computer Entertainment.[1]

Wild Arms Kōya no Nichō Kenjū

Wild Arms Kōya no Nichō Kenjū is an offshoot of the Wild Arms series for mobile phones. The player takes control of Wild Arms 3's main character Virginia Maxwell and partakes in a shoot 'em up-style game where the main goal is to get a high score.


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