Wild Arms TV
Wild Arms TV
Debut October 18, 1999
Ended March 27, 2000
Episodes 22 (22 Minutes)

Wild Arms TV, or Wild Arms Twilight Venom (Japanese: ワイルドアームズ トワイライトヴェノム) is a set of OVA Anime film/movies that is loosely based off the first and second Wild Arms games, Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki and Kōichi Mashimo and produced from Bee Train, this collection has come up to 22 episodes --It aired on WOWOW from October 18, 1999 to March 27, 2000. and later was dubbed and placed on the Anime Network.

The story tells of a Young Sheyenne, a gun-wielding traveling drifter who searches for his "lost body" as well as his memories along the way joining his friends on fining there destines as well; Like in the first two Playstation games, the characters are first separated then they slowly come together as one, while Sheyenne, Dr. Aronnox and Issac make the first team, Mirabelle, Loretta and Jerusha makes the second team and in various times, they meet and work to get through their problems.


Image Name Eng. Voice Jp. Voice Description
Sheyenne 01 Sheyenne Rainstorm Brianne Siddall Mayumi Asano A twenty-five year old outlaw whose true body has been stolen and now is in a child's body though he still acts with the cool confidence of his adult self. He has the abiliyt to use ARMS, an ancient technology that supposedly can only be used by members or reincarnations of the Evil Race.
Kiel 01 Dr. Kiel Aronnax Jamieson Price Junpei Morita A scientist who defies the usual brains/brawn paradigm by being well over six feet tall and as muscled as a fierce warrior. He is queit and thougtful and prefers people just call him Kiel instead of Dr. Aronnax.
Mirabelle 01 Mirabelle Graceland Julie Maddalena Nariko Fujieda A cheerful and optimistic Crimson Noble. She also has a lust for treasure and travels with Loretta and Jerusha going on adventures and getting involved in theivery. She can transform into a bat but has trouble flying.
Roletta 01 Loretta Oratorio Wendee Lee Fumiko Asaka A ravishingly beautiful treasure hunter who has a collection of magical cards that cast spells when activated. She lives for money and treasure and can behave childishly at times; more so than Mirabelle, who appears to be the younger of the duo.
Jarusha Isaac 01-1 Jerusha Philece Sampler Rikako Aikawa A small pink Popepi Pipepo. She has a laid back yet matron-like personality; she has had six ex-husbands and lived thousands of years. Issac happens to be her most recent ex-husband.
Jarusha Isaac 01-2 Issac Steven Jay Blum ("David Lucas") Mitsuo Iwata A blue Popepi Pipepo. He is both arrogant and wise; yet scheming. Issac is a great salesman and a smooth liar. He is a thousand years old and the ex-husband of Jerusha.
Laila 01 Gina Angel Michelle Ruff Kaori Asou A young woman with a connection to Sheyenne's past and the situation he finds himself in.


  1. Sleeping Dirty
  2. ARMS Crazy
  3. Desert Dragon Fantasy
  4. The Faluna Bible
  5. Portrait of Lana
  6. Affair of the Fargaia Express
  7. Someday my Robber Will Come
  8. Mouth Wide Shut
  9. The Slave of the Game
  10. Guilty or...
  11. No Home, No Body
  12. Lie, Laila, Lie
  13. Lullaby of the Noble-Red
  14. Interview With The Ampire
  15. Natural Born Angel
  16. Fatal Goddess
  17. Child at Heart
  18. The Day Of The Bacchus
  19. Gone With The Smoke
  20. Faluna Struck
  21. Once Upon A Time In Fargaia
  22. The Last of Sheyenne



Released on January 21, 2000, Wild Arms TV come out with an official 2 disk soundtrack composed by Koh Ohtani, Sho Wada and Michiko Naruke, it contains 64 tracks as well as 5 re-arranged tracks included inside during this time it was recorded at Victor Aoyama Studio, Sound Inn, arranged by: Kow Otan and published by SPE Visual Works

It's Catalog Number: SVWC 1307/08