This page is all about the Wild Arms Wiki.

Our goal is to become the ultimate information site for the Wild Arms role-playing game series. The Wiki contains information about the games, characters, and other media.

Please bear in mind that this wiki contains spoilers.

Wiki Rules

Please take a moment to read a few house rules directed at contributors, established for the sake of making the Wiki as presentable and easy to explore as possible.

1. Please take care in your spelling and grammar. If you need to copy-edit your work, make use of spellcheck prior to publishing. Word processors and search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) often correct spelling mistakes automatically.

2. References and cited sources are what substantiate the content of this wiki; whatever other text remains, therefore, is essentially nothing more than commentary. References can be cited as direct quotes, official webpages, images, and the like. In an effort to provide accurate and reliable information about our beloved Wild Arms franchise, we ask that you please practice the proper editing etiquette and try to back up as many of your contributions as possible with valid references.

Here's how to add references:

<ref>References go in between these brackets.</ref>

Once you've cited all your sources and are ready to list them, scroll to the bottom of the page and add the following:

== References ==

3. Please note that most of our categories are mainly used to organize subcategories, and that our subcategories are used to organize articles. (Example: the Category "Characters" is used to organize the following Subcategories: "Wild Arms 2 characters"; "Wild Arms 3 characters"; "Wild Arms 4 characters"; etc.)

Images must be properly categorized upon being uploaded so that the user can find it and keep the site organized overall. Please be wary of uploading videos, especially from YouTube, as those often get taken down (as a consequence of copyright infringement, suspended accounts, etc.) and the links become obsolete. Such videos are promptly deleted by Wiki administrators regularly for the sake of housekeeping.