Wild Arms XF OST
  • Catalog Number: COCX-34482~5
  • Released On: August 29, 2007
  • Composed By: Masato Kouda, Noriyasu Agematsu, Junpei Fujita, Hitoshi Fujima, Daisuke Kikuta, Michiko Naruke
  • Arranged By: Masato Kouda, Noriyasu Agematsu, Junpei Fujita
  • Published By: Nippon Columbia
  • Recorded At: Unknown
  • Number of CDs: 4


Disc One

  • Crossfire
  • Beauty and the Shining Sword
  • Slap the Cheek in a Mood to Kill
  • Stagnation Brings Impurity to the Truth
  • A Stroll on the Town With You
  • In the Sunlight
  • Birds Soaring Over the Battlefield
  • The Victorious and the Lost Ones
  • Trembling to the Distant Thunder
  • Even Only Fragments of Hope Held Close
  • Crisis Driver
  • Duel Sign
  • An Honest Smiling Face
  • Feelings Told Through Words
  • The Famous Me and the Can-do Woman
  • Under the Sky Scorched by War
  • A Quick Night in Elecius
  • The Dark Clouds Cover the Shadow of Evil
  • From Anxiety to Impatience
  • Princess Army
  • True Lie (prologue size)

Total Time: 64'37"

Disc Two

  • Wind that Blows During the Interlude
  • Filgaia Extra Land
  • A Beast, Brute and Monster's Claws
  • Everything Seems Suspicious
  • Outrageous Folks
  • Torrential Threat x Sudden Reversal
  • A Trusting Heart
  • Scholar's Facility (Senate)
  • Genocide Buster
  • Overflowing With Mysterious Power
  • Father Thunder Clad in Heavy Armor
  • The Lie Named Heavy Make-Up
  • The Painted Future Set Upon an Easel
  • Make a Wish to the Wind and a Vow to the Light
  • Chew on the Taste of Iron
  • Mechanical Dancing Fight
  • Inherited Will
  • Slice the Way to the Truth
  • The Trail of Those Who Fight
  • Bonus Track: True Lie (instrumental)

Total Time: 71'46"

Disc Three

  • A Weapon Born from the Womb of Mankind
  • Footsteps Which Lead the Way to Peril
  • So Warm and Soft
  • What You Seek Is Certainly There
  • This Sword Style Rages Still
  • Blank Easel
  • The Dawn Will Surely Come
  • Death Trap Siege
  • The Path of No Return
  • The Beauty in the Spreading Terror
  • Imminent Tragedy
  • In the Center of the World of Solitude
  • In the soup
  • Nation Founding Ceremony
  • On That Bygone Day at That Distant Place
  • Intrude Upon Happiness, Plunder the Future
  • The Red of the Panic Domain
  • Greater Descent
  • Stagnation Brings Impurity Even to Lies
  • Phalanx the Heavy Metal
  • The Return to Elencia

Total Time: 71'14"

Disc Four

  • True Lie (Ver. true heart)
  • To the Sea of Intrigue
  • Ascension to the Kingdom Capital Again
  • Spiral of Anxiety
  • A Professional Villain Clad in Sand
  • A Dramatic Turn
  • In the Center of the Insect Poisoned World
  • Twilight of the Anti-Hero
  • Put Out the Blazing Flame
  • The End of the Lie
  • Flap the Black Wings of Disaster
  • At the End of the Eternal Conflict (1)
  • At the End of the Eternal Conflict (2)
  • At the End of the Eternal Conflict (3)
  • Final Disaster (1)
  • Final Disaster (2)
  • Could You Still See Tomorrow?
  • Perpetual motion
  • Even If We Can't Hold Hands Forever (1)
  • Even If We Can't Hold Hands Forever (2)
  • Even If We Can't Hold Hands Forever (3)
  • Even If We Can't Hold Hands Forever (4)
  • Even If We Can't Hold Hands Forever (5)
  • Even If We Can't Hold Hands Forever (6)
  • For Whom
  • Aiming for the Land of the Plenty
  • From the End of the Wilderness

Total Time: 78'16"

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