Series Wild Arms TV
Debut S01E04 The Faluna Bible

Yusis is a librarian of Libra that appears in episode four of Wild Arms Twilight Venom, "The Faluna Bible". After Chief Bado sets fire to the library he finds himself in the position of acting chief, in charge of Libra, as well as finding out exactly what happened to make Bado set the library ablaze. He is a quiet and serious man. Yusis is also interested in locating the Faluna Bible as only the chief of Libra knows its secret location and Bado will not tell him. A mysterious figure gives him a vial with a strange liquid that can revive a charred body from the night of the fire and she tells Yusis that if he wants to find the Faluna Bible he should pour it on the body. Eventually Yusis does pour the liquid on the body, reviving it, and revealing it to be a monster. It turns out Bado had been attacked by these monsters the night of the fire and he set the library on fire as that was the monsters' weakness. The Faluna Bible is destroyed by the end of the episode but Bado's respect for him has grown and Bado promises to teach him everything he needs to know in order to be the future chief of Libra.

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